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Doyen LLC. - Service Team 

I'm Gavin, sales manager of Doyen Stone in 2013, with 11 years experiences in stone industry, I was a worker and dealt with each job from to-do list to completion, undertaking every task along the way. It's my pleasured to assist you fabrication countertop slab and functional interior stone products. 

From inquiry to the end of countertop manufacturing, I understand how to work it well and anything would happen on production line. Gavin here to help you fabrication the quality countertops, tiles & vessel sinks at reasonable prices.

Doyen Stone has standard quality, stable resource procurement as well as highly efficient distribution net to reduce the cost. It's noly only the best materials provided, but direct factory price, short delivery, nice and strong packaged, especially timely production schedule for your order.

Do you like to enjoy more efficient and professionally good service now? Please dealing or mailing me directly.

Thank you for your precious time to read about me.