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Company Advantages 

Doyen LLC is full service Granite, Marble and Quartz stone fabricator, located in the stone center industry in China. We pay attention to every detail of process.

Materials Choose and Stock.

There are 5 people with more than 10 experience in the position to do this work in our factory. It's the most important task for all work in production line. Any mistake will effected all the produces and earnings.

Surface and Edge Polished.

Materials surface are finished by Automatic Polishing Machine. All tops are polished by 20 mill-stone to make it smooth and glossy. We also strictly controlled the polished glossiness up to 95 degree.

Material Arranged.

We are able to offer better prices than other suppliers with our professional work. Every piece of slab is fully used to make the right sized countertop to avoid material waste.

Cut to sizes.

To attain superior quality, we have invested world-class stone cutting and fabrication technology to our factory. The CNC Bridge Saw we used could reduce the dimension error.

Edge Laminated.

We have a large area to do the mass production for the process of laminated. That's a element why we can provide the goods with superior quality and stable delivery.

Edge Trimming.

All piece of top will trimming by machine to guarantee the edge are smooth and falt.

Faucet and Grommet Hole Drilling.

You can find that we have a resonable and efficient production line on our factory. So that will be saved processing our time and cost.

Cut-out for sink.

The sink template will be drew by computer with 1:1, we copy one on polywood board according to the 1:1 template to do mass production. That will save much time and labour for us, and also it can be reduced some mistakes.

 Edge Polish.

The team of workman have been working in our factory for 8 years. They have full experience in polishing, and well know what the quality our customer requested.

Seam for each Top

Although we do a good job in thickness and produce, but we offen seams for each set of top to guarantee both of the surface of top and edge are smooth and seamlessly together.

Color Matched.

As you know, granite and marble are nature stone, with variations in veining, color, and patterns. If you would like to have each set of countertops looked accordant, color matched is an essential work.

Dimensional Checking.

Package. Interior and Exterior.

There is not only way to pack the tops. The package method of the materials depend on the productts, containing sizes, shape, quantity, process and etc. Or it will improve the breakage in transport or loading.