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Packaging Methods & Notes 

Doyen LLC specializing countertop projects, have cooperated with lots of builders and general contractors in US and CA for more than 10 years.
Not only professional in products, but we have full experience in packaging. Please review photos below, and learn how we work in details of packaging.

Packaging Materials
Wooden crate made by strong materials with 2cm thickness by 10cm width.

Enhanced with Special Angle Iron
Wooden crate are enhanced with special angle iron.

Marked for Pile Up Not Advisable
Marked for Pile Up Not Advisable upon the carton.

Materials Packaging
Secured by packing belt in side, thus preventing the materials from transport and possible damage through handling in transit.

Reinforce for Interior & Exterior
Protected by packing belt, to reinforced wooden crate.

Packaged Together in A Crate
Same sizes or closed sizes materials  are packaged together in a wooden crate.

Selection of Packaging Method
There is no  standard way to pack stone products, Each is packed depending on the size, shape, surface finish, quantity, and etc.

Plastic films should be positioned under the  packing belt and a packing clasp should hold the packing belt in place to avoid scratching the surface.

Notes for Packaging of the Sink Cut Out for Tops
It's dangerous to pack tops with faucet holes directly above the position  marked by red arrow, if it is packed as such, other parts of the crate marked by the blue arrow should  higher to avoid the breakage.

Notes for Packaging with Joint material
If the materials are joint together and are packed in the wooden crate, they must be separated by soft materials. if not, the angles of the tops are  prone to damage.

Notes for Packaging Service Sizes
Please note that we can't put the lower tops behind the higher tops, or the goods are not safe in the wooden crate.

Notes for Packing between each piece
Make sure there is no gap between each piece,  to assure  that the countertops won't shake.

Notes for wood of the wooden crate
The base of the  pallet that supports the crate has to be even, if not it would make the tops prone to breakage.

Reinforced for the goods in container
In loading, the most important step is to make sure that the position of the wooden crate is fixed and that it does not shake or move during the shipment by  using iron wires and strong pieces of  wood.

Reinforced for the goods in container

If you have any good ideas or suggestion, please kindly let me know.